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The Student Services Department has two General Education Social Workers, JoAnne Denison and Verdell Brunson, two Special Education Social Workers, Marilyn Schock and Andrew Quesnelle, and two Counselors, Emily Bulski and Laura Arnold. 


The social workers and counselors both see students individually and in small groups.  We are also involved in classroom presentations.  Mrs. Denison and Mrs. Brunson also facilitate educational support groups.  Referrals to the groups come from administrators, teachers, counselors, social workers, parents, and students themselves.  Some examples of the topics of the groups are new student groups, anger management/life skills, grief/loss, social skills, and divorce groups.  If you do not wish your child to be considered for any group, please sign and return the appropriate form that is included in your opening day packet.


Classroom presentations include the Yellow Ribbon Program, a suicide prevention program, Red Ribbon, a substance abuse program, bullying prevention/conflict resolution, positive decision making and study skills are conducted every year.  We also include other topics as the need arises. If you would like further information regarding these programs please contact Student Services.


The social workers and counselors are here to assist students with problems and concerns at school and at home.  We work closely with administrators, teachers, and parents.  Please do not hesitate to call any one of us with questions or concerns.  Students’ success depends on this important collaboration between the school and parents and guardians.

For more information and resources visit the Student Services course on your Schoology account. 
Mrs. JoAnne Denison
(586) 445-4053
Mrs. Emily Bulski
(586) 445-4057
Ms. Verdell Brunson
(586) 445-4141   ext.2614
Mrs. Laura Arnold
(586) 445-4130
Andrew Quesnelle
(586) 445-4141 ext. 2717
Marilyn Schock
(586) 445-4141 ext. 2717