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ZAP has been designed to improve student achievement by holding students accountable to a higher standard. The implementation of ZAP will ensure that students will complete classroom assignments, therefore staying current with classroom instruction.



How it Works

When a child is given a homework assignment and fails to complete the assignment by the given due date the student will beZAPPED”. The student will be given a ZAP form to take home along with the incomplete assignment.


This gives students one last chance to complete the assignment before actually being ZAPPED. The student is to:


  • Complete the assignment
  • Have their parent/guardian sign the ZAP form
  • Return both the assignment and ZAP form to the ZAP basket in the main office BEFORE 8:00 A.M. the next d




If ANY of the above do not happen, the student will receive a pass to their T2R class and will report to the cafeteria where they will complete the assignment and then read their T2R book silently. If the assignment is not completed at the end of the hour, they will take it home and turn it in to the ZAP basket the next morning, or they will be ZAPPED once again.


If a child continues to be ZAPPED:


  • Parent/Guardian will be contacted
  • Parent/Guardian will meet with administration
  • Detentions and/or ISS will be assigned


It is important to the staff of JMS that we have a positive partnership between students, parents/guardians, and teachers. It is important that students are taking their ZAP forms home so parents/guardians are aware if their child is falling into a habit of turning in assignments late. If we work together, the ZAP program may help catch this behavior early on before it impacts classroom grades.